D 2019 | HD | 1:1,78 | color | surround | 154 minutes

A sprawling mycelium. The starry sky over the Romanian Carpathians. The first two images introduce the dimensions that are at the core of Olanda: details and fine structures on the one hand, constellations and the bigger picture on the other. The focus is on a seasonal asset of the area - the mushroom. Amongst people it is the foragers who are nearest to them and the focus of the film is on them: on walks through the forest, in the tent camp, during car rides and conversations. From here it follows the rhizome-like ramifications that continue to branch out in the form of money: to local and international merchants, to an improvised shoe market in a clearing, to gambling among colleagues. The film tells of these trading cycles by assuming a mushroom-like structure without ever losing its centre of thought. Beyond an analysis of economic structures, however, it is also the sensual document of a rhythm of everyday life in the forest, as experienced by foragers as the first link in the recycling chain. In the cinema, it can be experienced as an audiovisual mushroom-trip into the magical world of the Carpathian forests.

With Ileana Mănicea, Valentin Constantin Mănicea, Dobrin Mărunțelu, Ionuț Munteanu, Marian Mărunțelu, Marius Siminel Mărunțelu, Mihaela Mărunțelu, Victor Pavalescu, Ovidiu Pavalescu, Sorin Tănase, Nicolae Căpațâna,Alex Prodescu, Emilia Prodescu, Marius Prodescu, Ștefan Prodescu, Adriana Prodescu, Victor Prodescu, Costica Cotogea, Ion Ciobanu, David Remus, Mirela Petcu, Florin Munteanu, Petre Biribaeo, Nicolae Căpatinâ, Petre Căpatinâ, Ionela Cerasela Șchiopu, Denis Vlăsceanu Șchiopu, Alin George, Claudiu Cristian Iordache, Nicolae Tudorescu, Valentin Tudose Șerbănescu, Nicolae Căvăloiu, Vali, Ion Pop, Dora Pop, Ioana Pop, Ilie Bercean, Roko, Alexandru Mihu Fota, Dan Gheorghe, Cucu Rusu, Preot Alexie

a Film by Bernd Schoch

Script André Siegers, Bernd Schoch Direction Bernd Schoch Cinemathography Simon Quack 2nd Camera Bernd Schoch Sound Recording Orest Skakun, André Siegers, Marius Siminel Mânuntelu Production Management Romania Maria Trifu Editing Bernd Schoch, André Siegers Online Editing Simon Quack Colour Grading Tim Liebe Sound Design & Sound Mix Roman Vehlken Translation Maria Trifu Additional Translation Orest Skakun, Dana Tomos, Marius Siminel Mânuntelu, Sam Heinrichs Voice Ileana Manicea Music Pete Kember / Sonic Boom, Thomas Weber/Kammerflimmer Kollektief Illustrations Heiko Sievers Title Graphics Steffen Goldkamp Website Laslo Strong Bestboy Toma Dylan Schoch Off Texts André Siegers First Text out of Peter Handkes Versuch über den Pilznarren: Eine Geschichte für sich, Suhrkamp 2013 Driver Orest Skakun, Marius Siminel Mânuntelu Car Support Klaus Schoch Subtitles Anca Buzatu, Alexander Mirimov, Antje Harbeck (SUBS Hamburg) Transcription Maria Trifu Executive Producers Karsten Krause, Frank Scheuffele

Produced by fünferfilm

Funded by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM), Bremer Dokumentarfilm Förderpreis des Filmbüro Bremen from resources of the Bremischen Landesmedienanstalt Presentation supported by German Films

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